About Me:

Mike Antenucci

I'm a photographer and cinematographer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where I went to college in San Luis Obispo, CA, graduating in 2014. I've been in the camera game since my first digital camera in high school, through the dark room and college internships, all while learning how to manipulate and capture light. After college I moved back to LA to continue building my experience behind the camera. There, I became cinematographer/videographer for a few short films, documentaries, reality shows, web series, BTS, music and fashion videos. I also worked as a product/fashion photographer for 9 months in Venice, CA, specializing in jewelry, headshots, beauty products, clothing, accessories, etc. Now, as a professional with a degree and professional photography, videography and cinema experience, I aim to continue my career in photo and video. My goals of product, lifestyle, marketing, and brand photography/videography, alongside my goals of short films, documentaries, and cinematography, are my main focus during my time on the East Coast. Feel free to ask for a list of my credits and work history. If you love your work, I'd love to work together.